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Order shipping info

All orders are shipped in 1-3 working days. On some rare cases it can take up to 10 working days but then you will be informed via SMS or email.

Returns and refunds

Click here to view our Returns and refunds policy.

Your Personal data

We keep your personal data like phone number email address etc secure and don’t share it with anyone. Your personal data is only used for mailing your order or Email etc.

Seeds guaranty and warranty

We try to source our seeds from best sources. We only source seeds from companies that indicate minimum 80 percent germination rate.

But since seeds sprouting depends on many factors like suitable temperature , soil , water etc. So we cannot give any guaranty or warranty on seeds.

Variety Guaranty

We give guaranty that variety of seeds will be same as mentioned on packet. We take extra care to pack seeds properly. Our seeds are from trusted sources and 99 percent of the time variety mentioned on packet will be exact same.

If variety is not same we will give full refund of that seed packet and 2 times plenty on it.

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